Most of us think of food when we think of health. How can I change my diet so that my body is healthier? Or what foods should I cut out? Should I eat seasonally? Organic? More veggies? Some of us started our health journey because we wanted to lose weight or heal our bodies of sickness naturally. Others of us realized we are what we eat. Our lives are better when we eat better.

I love hearing people’s stories and how they got started on a health journey. Everyone’s story is different and unique and special, and most of us started with food. Which is an amazing place to start! I spend a good portion of my day around food. Growing it, harvesting it, preparing it, dreaming about it, and of course, eating it! But there is more to health than just food, and that is what many people don’t realize.



What most of us don’t realize is that health is more than what we eat. We can change our diets. We can consume organic, seasonal food and cleanse our bodies of processed foods and sugars, but that alone is not enough. There is more impacting our lives and bodies than food alone.

I was a professional house cleaner for 15 years. Somewhere around year 6, I started eating healthy. I ate only organic and cut out most processed foods. One day while cleaning someone’s shower with bleach, I got short of breath, my heart started racing, and my eyes burned. It finally dawned on me… wow, this really couldn’t be healthy for me if my body is reacting like this! That was where my health journey started going beyond the realm of food alone. My eyes were opened to the fact that there was more going into my body and affecting my health than I had realized.



I would say over the past 10 years, I have spent several hundred hours (if not thousands) researching health. A huge reason I’ve started this blog and doing live workshops is so that other people don’t have to spend that amount of time researching. My hope is that I can condense my findings and give others the benefits of simple, easily accessible, and budget friendly information on how to make changes in their lives as well.

Not everyone agrees with me, but I do believe that many of the sicknesses and illnesses we have today are because of choices we’ve made. So many of those choices have been made innocently because we simply didn’t know the truth. Who knew that brand new carpet in your house is one of the most toxic things for you to breathe? Imagine a baby crawling all over that toxic carpet every day then sleeping on a mattress releasing toxic fumes from the fire retardant required by law to be on it. No, it doesn’t surprise me that it is normal to have conversations about cancer, chronic illness, constant aches and pains, asthma, and other sicknesses.

If anything, it makes me sad and angry. Many of us are sick or have sick family members, and we have no idea why. Food is key. Changing your diet is a huge step to a healthy body. But getting the toxins out of your home and daily life is just as much of a key as food.

I don’t want to scare you, but I also don’t want you to walk away feeling like this is no big deal. It is a huge deal! We are a very toxic people, and we don’t even realize it. There are so many simple changes we can make though that improve our lives and the lives of others. By detoxing ourselves, we also detox our earth. By refusing to purchase products that are bad for us, we are refusing to support businesses who’s products are killing our earth. It is a circle of life. Let’s make ourselves and our world better. I want to leave my children a world that is healing itself not making itself more sick with each generation.


I hope that with each new post on this website, you find simple and small ways that you and your family can start working towards a healthier home. Detoxing our homes is essential to detoxing our bodies. Getting the toxins and chemicals out of our homes means that we won’t be exposing our bodies to them anymore. Here’s a short list of places chemicals “hide” that you probably didn’t realize.

Stuffing in comforters | children’s pajamas | polyester clothing | couches | flooring | furniture | utensils | pots & pans| paint | toys | candles | cleaning supplies | soaps and detergents | and much more

As overwhelming as all of this may initially seem, there are some really easy solutions to making changes in your home. I LOVE SIMPLE. I cannot state that enough. I love simple, because it feels peaceful to me. So whenever I make changes to detox our home, I make sure it’s as simple as possible. My hope is that I can share those simple solutions with you too. We don’t all have lots of extra time or money to detox our homes. It will take time. It will take money. But I want to make it as simple and financially easy for you. I want you to be successful, because I feel like I’ve been successful, and it’s made my life and my family’s life so much more rich.